A 3-day hands-on laboratory workshop on fly handling &  experimentation will be organized for selected participants between September 15 and 17, 2019.

Preference will be given to those without previous experience on flies and who must have registered for the conference. 

Final Programme Structure for fly Workshop

14:30-15.00 Registration.

 15.00-15:30 Drosophila as a model system to study human diseases.

15:30-16:00 Drosophila development.

16:00-18:00 Introduction to working with flies:

1. Introduction to flies: fly cycle and culture.

2. Sex identification.

3. Cross set up, virgin collection, Drosophila chromosomes.

4. Balancers, practise with crosses and different balancers.

5. Fly husbandry.

6. Set up cages to collect embryos.

Monday 17th  

9:00-9.30 Registration.

9:30-11.00 Anatomy of an egg, embryonic stages, tissues,…

11:00-11.30 Coffee Break.

11:30-13.00 Larval and adult structures (imaginal discs, ovaries, brain, gut,…) as models to study cancer, neurodegeneration,…

13:00-14.00 Lunch break.

14:00-17:00 Drosophila genetics:

1. Generation of mutants by treatment with mutagenic agents

2. CRISPR technique.

3. The GAL4-UAS system.

4. Clonal analysis.

5. Enhancer and suppressor screens.

17:00-18:00 DNA Isolation from fly