After five years of DrosAfrica activities in different countries, the African Society of Drosophilists (ASD) was founded by the participants and organizers of the practical course celebrated in Ibadan in 2017. The ASD is now teaming up with DrosAfrica and the Drosophilla Research group of the University of Ibadan for the first scientific gathering focused on Drosophila Research made in Africa. The DrosAfrica-ICGEB Workshop on Drosophila melanogaster in African Biomedical Research will serve as the basis for the First African Society of Drosophilists Scientific Meeting. Most of the sessions will be common, and the ASD members will celebrate their bi-annual meeting and election of the new board of directors in independent sessions without interfering with the progress of the workshop.

Opportunities are available for sponsorship of participants from ICGEB member states who register on time. Selection will be on first come first serve basis.

The scientific sessions will be tailored according to the submitted abstracts but a tentative program will include parallel sessions on cellular biology, Neuroscience, non-communicable diseases, infectious diseases, RNA biology and drug discovery, an opening session on the challenges of doing science in Africa and a closing session on improving African higher education.

The abstract that cannot be allotted a talk in any session will be selected for abstract presentations.